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We’re lawyers who actually listen. Who offer practical advice. Who get things done.

We’re the real deal

Our general law practice has been helping clients for over 25 years with a broad range of services that span all the way from helping you to buy a house, to negotiating the sale of your business, to representing you in court. 

We do these things well and we do them with our clients in mind. We aim to simplify the complexities of the law and achieve outcomes without fuss but with great results.

Legal Services

So, what exactly do we do? As one of the few true general law practices around town, we’re qualified, experienced and ready to help you. As a true general legal practice, we have deep and specialised expertise across many areas of the law. From your perspective, that means that the chances are we’ll be able to help you with your specific legal query, whatever it may be.

We think this sets us apart from other law firms out there and we know that it has served our clients well over the last 25 years.


We’re all over it, whether you’re needing us to help you with: